GuideLines for Scanning Photograph with Signature

1. Paste the Photo on any white paper as per the above required dimensions. Sign in the Signature Space provided. Ensure that the signature is within the box.

2. Scan the above required size containing photograph and signature. Please do not scan the complete page.

3. The entire image dimension ( 3.5 cm by 6.0 cm) consisting of the photo along with the signature is required to be scanned and stored in (*.jpe,*.jpeg,*.jpg) format on local machine.

4. Ensure that the size of the scanned image is not more that 50KB.

5. If the size of the file is more than 50 KB, then adjust the settings of the scanner such as the DPI resolution, no. of colours etc., during the process of scanning.

6. The applicant has to sign in full in the box provided. Since the signature is proof of identity, it must be genuine and in full; initials are not sufficient. Signature in CAPITAL LETTERS is not permitted.

7. The signature must be signed only by the applicant and not by any other person.

8. The signature will be used to put on the Hall Ticket and wherever necessary. If the Applicant’s signature on the answer script, at the time of the examination, does not match the signature on the Hall Ticket, the applicant will be disqualified.

e.g. The Technical Specifications of the sample scanned image shown above are:
• Size of the file < 50 KB
• Dpi setting = 200 dpi
• True Colour

Sample Image & Signature :-